This Boxy Suburban Home Is a Radical Departure From Its Neighbors

Situated between two traditional gable residences, its rectangular plan is fronted with a steel structure that gives it a slick, institutional feel.

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Project Details:

Location: Žilina, Slovakia

Architect: Plural

Contractor: Ideálne domy s.r.o.

Landscape Designer: Michal Marcinov

Structural Engineer: Katarína Kyselová

Steel Constructions: Samuel Šimonovič

Photographer: Maxime Delvaux / @maxdelv

From the Architect: "Villa Bôrik is set within a neighborhood of relatively homogenous homes with private gardens that form a continuous landscape. The new home respects this typology and occupies the site of the original house, with two stories above ground and a basement floor that conceals about a third of the interior volume.

"A spiral staircase connects all three floors of the house and is located outside the square floor plan of the main home, which allows for free handling of the layout of each floor. Other specific elements of the villa, which complement its basic cubic volume, are the western ‘utility’ façade that forms a filter between the street and the interior, and the triangular roof that marks the entrance to the house on its northern side.

"The ground floor living space is conceived as one continuous space in which furniture is freely arranged. It makes full use of of the east-west orientation of the plot and illuminates the entire floor from these two sides, capturing different light atmospheres throughout the day.

"The more private second floor is strictly divided, with bedrooms in the corners, between which there are shared bathrooms. The central circulation area is illuminated by a skylight. The underground floor is illuminated through the patio below ground level on the south side of the house and includes a multi-purpose studio space, a sauna, and the technical room. It is also independently accessible from the exterior."


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