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How Two Helsinki Architects Transformed a Parking Lot Into a Paradise for Pollinators
How Two Helsinki Architects Transformed a Parking Lot Into a Paradise for Pollinators
The Alusta Pavilion gives birds, bees, and plants a lush habitat—and human visitors a renewed outlook on the natural world.
By Duncan Nielsen - 2 days ago
Meet the Young Firm Shaking Up the Design Scene in Mexico
Chuch Estudio plays with color and form to create furnishings and spaces that are seriously fun.
A Chicago Designer Finds Lessons in the Toy-Making Traditions of His Japanese Heritage
After discovering the sustainable art of kokeshi, Kazuki Guzmán worked it into his own design practice—and began sharing it with others.
The Dwell 24: These Are the Best New Designers Out There
The Dwell 24: These Are the Best New Designers Out There
Dwell’s 2022 list of emerging talent features meeting-the-moment furniture, lighting, and more objects for your home.
The Dwell 24: Sara Simoska
During the pandemic, Sara Simoska realized that what she loves more than anything are books—so she created Movable Furniture, a collection of oblique wooden shelving units that...
The Dwell 24: Noka Design
Noémie Vanoli and Karima Weber's shared Italian roots inspired their first collection of sculptural, earthy candles.
The Dwell 24: Loose Parts
Based in Hudson, New York, Jennifer June, the designer behind Loose Parts, is committed to reducing waste by sustainably sourcing and fabricating adaptable furniture that people...
The Dwell 24: Chuch Estudio
Architect Aranza García and her friends Lorena Madahuar and Natalia Ramirez launched Chuch, a design studio with a playful vibe that honors Mexican culture and everyday life.
The Dwell 24: Ovuud
Former patent lawyer Benjamin Gillespie channels his youthful enthusiasm for deconstructing yard-sale lamps into creating sophisticated LED-based fixtures for his studio, Ovuud.
The Dwell 24: Ries
Argentinian architects and designers Marcos Altgelt and Tasio Picollo aim for their work to not only support local manufacturers at risk of dying out in the face of globalization...
The Dwell 24: Mona Matsui
The Dwell 24: Mona Matsui
Made with polyester or traditional Japanese materials like washi, silk, and cotton and ranging from pale and semitransparent to color-saturated, Mona Matsui’s ethereal, light...
The Dwell 24: Mlondolozi Hempe
Cape Town designer Mlondolozi Hempe interweaves the folklore of his native South Africa for his furniture brand, Umongo.
The Dwell 24: Studio Kae
For Zhekai Zhang and Keren Wang, the pair behind Studio Kae, imperfection is often the desired outcome.
The Dwell 24: Jared Tso
Coming from a long line of Diné potters, Jared Tso crafts his vessels primarily by hand but resists conceptions of “authenticity as relying on some re-creation of the...
The Dwell 24: Irene Purasachit
Irene Purasachit uses flowers and other biodegradable materials and strives for her designs to contribute positively to the environment.
The Dwell 24: Borgi Bastormagi
Whether designers Nada Borgi and Etienne Bastormagi are working on public projects or producing furniture on a smaller scale, the urban condition of Beirut is at the heart of...
The Dwell 24: Mohaded Studio
With studios in Buenos Aires and Milan, artist and industrial designer Cristián Mohaded works closely with artisans across Argentina to produce a diverse output, ranging from...
The Dwell 24: Bellafonté Studio
Tiarra Bell of Bellafonté Studio uses her craft to “translate biblical stories, words, and ideologies into something...
The Dwell 24: Dana Arbib
With her organic glass vessels tinged with Mediterranean motifs, Arbib is sharing a story that spans generations, with the hope that these works will become part of others’...
The Dwell 24: Dean Norton
Dean Norton's Float collection, a series of crisp, expertly crafted tables constructed entirely from glass, is a product of his newfound creative confidence.
The Dwell 24: Sukrachand
Once a photography student at NYU, furniture designer Robert Sukrachand now splits his time between Brooklyn and Chiang Mai, Thailand, seeing his work as a conversation between...
The Dwell 24: Fango
Francisco Jaramillo, the Colombian designer behind Fango, turns to local materials for his furniture, resulting in pieces that are uniquely Colombian.
The Dwell 24: Nifemi Ogunro
Nifemi Ogunro, who designs functional sculptures, often photographs her body alongside her work as a way to promote visibility and inclusion and to challenge traditional design...
The Dwell 24: UTIL
True to its name, UTIL creates practical (and beautiful) metal furniture that's built to last.
The Dwell 24: Forever Studio
Driven by a constant desire to create one-of-a-kind pieces, Bienke Domenie and Sara Degenaar of Forever Studio experiment with unconventional materials when designing their...
The Dwell 24: Sefako Tolu
Sefako Ketosugbo and Tolu Odunfa Dragone's designs are the results of "happy...
The Dwell 24: Nama Home
During the pandemic, Namit Khanna launched Nama Home, a design studio specializing in contemporary iterations of popular patio furniture common in Indian homes.
The Dwell 24: Wilkinson & Rivera
Grant Wilkinson and Teresa Rivera reinterpret traditional wooden furniture with a Surrealist bent.
My House: A Filmmaker Couple Put a London Shoe Factory Back Into Production as Their Home and Studio
The apartment inside was worse for the wear, but local firm Studio McW turned its raw beauty into a camera-ready live/work space.
L.A. Roaster Canyon Coffee’s First Storefront Serves Up a Warm, Woody Vibe
Espresso impresarios Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz found inspiration in Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch, Donald Judd, and Sea Ranch for their welcoming Echo Park café.