The modern kitchen is the heart of the home. Cooking and conversing go hand-in-hand as meals are created, memories made. Whether teaching an old family recipe, reading the newspaper in a breakfast nook, or chatting over the daily morning coffee, the ritual of the everyday begins here. Spark your imagination by browsing our collection of modern kitchens. From popular counter materials like marble, granite, quartz, and wood; to stunning examples of white cabinets; to flooring options like hardwood and concrete, these projects showcase it all. You'll also find ideas for backsplashes, lighting, appliances, and sinks.

Kim Pham’s Top Kitchen Picks for “Proud, Loud Asian Home Cooking”
Kim Pham’s Top Kitchen Picks for “Proud, Loud Asian Home Cooking”
From chopsticks to cleavers, here are nine essentials that never fail the Omsom cofounder.
By Jinnie Lee - 10 days ago
These 14 Compact Kitchen Renovations Start With the Best Ingredients
When space is at a premium, a tastefully designed kitchen boils down to clever design solutions—like innovative storage, multifunctional surfaces, and retractable cooktops.
An Architect’s 1960s London Home Welcomes Foxes, Squirrels, Bees, and Bats
As she updates her house with a green roof and “bat bricks,” Helena Rivera seeks to enhance life not only for her family, but for the animals of the surrounding woodland.
Before & After: A SoCal Surfer’s Choppy Kitchen Catches a New Wave
Before & After: A SoCal Surfer’s Choppy Kitchen Catches a New Wave
Designer Lisa Carolla streamlines her space for post-beach bites, communal cooking, and everyday living in Encinitas.
What a Sustainable, Well-Stocked Kitchen Looks Like, According to a Zero-Waste Chef
West~Bourne founder Camilla Marcus shares her cooking hacks and go-to gadgets.
10 Renovations Featuring Sensational Kitchens
These spectacular transformations bring the heat.
Before & After: Chunky Terrazzo Sings in a Music Industry Couple’s Midcentury Home
Hub of the House Studio remixes a Burbank dwelling’s dated kitchen and bathrooms with color, texture, and pitch-perfect storage.
Spring Cleaning: The Latest Ideas and Advice for Maximum Impact When Redoing Your Kitchen or Bath
As our audience regularly reminds us, the kitchen and bathroom are the most frequently renovated rooms in the house.
Our Favorite New Kitchen Accessories Will Keep You Organized This Year
Clutter is the enemy of any home cook, so don’t go spelunking through cabinets and panicking in the pantry.
Take the Edge Off With These New Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures
Clean lines aren’t just elegant. We love these new fixtures for their easily polishable geometries and their spick-and-span aesthetics.
The Electronic Renaissance: These Induction Ranges Show How Far the Technology Has Come
The Electronic Renaissance: These Induction Ranges Show How Far the Technology Has Come
Not only are induction ranges a cinch to clean, but depending where you get your electricity, they may also be a more sustainable alternative to a gas stove.
Recipes for Success: Three Families Tell Us How They Created a Perfect Kitchen
Check out these varying approaches—from a London kitchen’s pitched-timber ceiling to an all-in-one island tucked neatly into a Chilean A-frame.
Top Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel
From lighting to plumbing, here’s what you should know before you start your next update.
The 6 Best Appliances for Your Kitchen Renovation, According to an Expert Design Duo
The founders of Stewart-Schafer, a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design studio, give us their recommendations for the items you’ll want to include in your kitchen...
Here’s What You Need to Make the Perfect Brunch at Home
We miss brunch too, but the next best thing is making your own.
Before & After: An Eichler Apartment’s Kitchen Returns to Its Midcentury Roots
In San Francisco’s Laguna Heights complex, interior designer Christine Lin turns a discordant kitchen into an inviting space with room for the clients’ favorite things.
A Design Pro Breaks Down the Secret Recipes Behind 5 Stylish Kitchens
Designer Gretchen Krebs of Medium Plenty offers her expert take on five concept kitchens styled by Bosch and outfitted with the brand’s sleek appliances.
18 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Look Good on Your Countertop
Elevate your home cooking game with these sleek culinary staples.
The Anything-But-Basics You Need for Your Kitchen, According to a Cookware Expert
Eunice Byun, cofounder of Material, raves about the best things she keeps in her cabinets.
16 Kitchen Organizers That Will Instantly Free Up More Counter Space
These sleek storage options for drying dishes, cooking utensils, and pantry items like spice jars are immensely helpful when it comes to avoiding clutter.
Before & After: A Brooklyn Couple’s Dim, Sequestered Kitchen Becomes a Luminous Gathering Space
After 20 years in their Fort Greene townhouse, the homeowners call on Behin Ha Design Studio and Suzumori Architecture to reimagine the layout.
16 “Before & After” Kitchen Remodels That Really Cook
While there’s no secret recipe for the perfect kitchen, these renovations showcase myriad solutions for better lighting, storage, and functionality.
A Chili Crisp With a Cult Following—and 24 Other Tasty Gifts for Gourmands
Just try and buy any of these without keeping them for yourself.
7 Toaster Ovens That Are Worthy of Gracing Your Countertop
These design-forward toaster ovens are the best things since sliced bread.
Budget Breakdown: A Seattle Architect Gives Her Galley Kitchen a Mod Update for $28K
Aimée O’Carroll of goCstudio uses color blocking to fantastic effect in her 60-square-foot kitchen.
Before & After: A New Kitchen Celebrates the Curves of a Dome-Shaped Home in New York
DAAM streamlines the sinuous kitchen of Shell House, a quirky upstate retreat that also hosts an artist residency.
Our 9 Favorite Direct-to-Consumer Brands for Quality Cookware at Affordable Prices
By cutting out the middleman, these online purveyors bring you thoughtfully designed kitchen essentials for less.
Budget Breakdown: An Interior Designer Livens Up Her Dated Kitchen for $57K
Leonora Mahle gives her midcentury kitchen a fresh new look with a pool-inspired color palette.
Material Kitchen Just Launched Their First Dinnerware Collection—and It’s a Mood
The kitchenware company teams up with Soilbaker for a collection of handcrafted ceramics that you’ll want to pass down for generations.