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Dwell promotes good design for everyone. We publish home tours, interviews, and essays illuminating the power of smart design. To give us the scoop on a new project, pitch an original idea, or simply say hello, get in touch at We’re always looking for new voices and perspectives from writers, photographers, videographers, and illustrators.  

Browse our latest stories to see our full range of topics. For all relevant pitches, please let us know if the project has appeared anywhere else in print or online, and whether the owners are willing to be named.

Home Tours

Dwell features outstanding, modern homes from all over the world. To pitch us, send a brief project description and images to detailing the main considerations, whether it be sustainability, prefab and modular design, affordability—or all of the above.

To share your project with the community and instantly be considered for an editor’s pick, or to be featured in Dwell Magazine or, upload your photos through Add a Home

Familiarize yourself with the types of homes that compel us by reading our latest home tours.

Tiny Homes

From tiny homes to backyard ADUs, we love to see big ideas with small footprints. Check out our most recent tiny home and ADU features to get a sense of what we’re looking for.

Off the Grid

From remote cabins to renovated Airstreams, these stories focus on projects with an adventurous spirit. Take a peek at our latest cabin, camper, and travel stories.

Before & After 

To share your home renovation, send us a brief project description and images from before and after the transformation. Our Before & After series places photos side-by-side to document the process.

Budget Breakdown

Our Budget Breakdown series covers a wide range of projects, from new home builds, to renovations, to garage conversions. In your pitch, include a brief project description, images, and a detailed list of costs, including a grand total.

Rental Revamp

Just because you’re renting your home doesn’t mean you can’t customize your space. Tell us how you went about transforming your temporary home—from cost-saving DIY hacks, to interior design tips, to landlord-friendly upgrades.

Real Estate

Dwell features architecturally significant homes for sale. Our most recent real estate stories are a mix of covetable midcentury homes, artist’s lofts, celebrity listings, and more.

New Normal

Our New Normal series investigates how the pandemic has changed our homes—and life as we know it. Recent stories have included guides on working from home, news of how the design industry has responded, and resources for those facing housing insecurity.

Where We Live Now

Where We Live Now explores the historical, political, and socioeconomic forces that shape our homes and communities. From an explainer on how the legacy of redlining has continued to plague Black communities to an overview of what public monuments mean to us, these essays illuminate how we can live and build more thoughtfully.


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